Benefits of Having a Press Release Written

Thinking about starting to use press releases as a way to get noticed? Or perhaps you want to use them for search engine optimization purposes? Either way, we all know how useful they can be. But the thing about them is this: someone has to write them.

A press release writing service or PR professionals have the ability and experience to write press releases that tell compelling stories that journalists and editors want to share with their readers. They do this by developing an interesting, unique, and newsworthy story idea before writing an effective press release. They start with creative, short but informative headlines that look like actual newspaper headlines to engage and draw the reader’s attention. They make sure to include some truly original and really creative information that is closely tied to current events to pique the interest of journalists and editors.

A professionally written press release follows certain and writing style and tone to make it an interesting news story to share with media. A successful press release contains certain ingredients that make it newsworthy and noticeable.

Here is what a press release writing service or a PR professional do to make your press release attention-grabbing, noticeable, and publishable:

  • Craft an interesting, intriguing, and catchy headline that instantly draws attention of journalists of editors.
  • Create a descriptive subheading that builds on and elaborates what is stated in the headline.
  • Write a powerful opening paragraph that contains important information and lets readers know who you are, what you do, what is the occasion, and why does it matter to readers.
  • Develop your story by giving more detailed information and by highlighting uniqueness of your business and what differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Make sure to include keywords that land your press release at the top of the search results so that journalists notice it when they search for content related to their subject.
  • Link your press release to a current trend or occurrence in the news to make it more engaging to draw the attention of the readers.

Many professionals and business owners don’t know what it takes to make a press release grab attention and get published. A press release writing service or a PR professional can write great press releases that draw attention of journalists and editors, gets noticed, picked, and published. Their unique writing style and special formatting a press release is designed to draw attention of journalists and editors and persuade them to read and publish it. Most press releases written by professionals end up impressing journalists and editors, and ultimately get published resulting in wide exposure and publicity to your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a Press Release Written:

You’ll increase the odds of your story being picked up – How does outsourcing increase your chances? Well a writer will know exactly how to craft a press release that will catch a journalist’s attention. As a result, there is a greater likelihood that your press release will be read.

No headaches for you – If you aren’t a natural writer (and many of us are not), a press release can literally take you hours, if not days, to write. Struggling to find the perfect words and subsequently trying to get them in the perfect order is enough to bring some to their knees. Why not outsource and avoid the headache all together?

Avoid small yet costly mistakes – Press releases follow very special rules. For example, they should always be written in third person (as opposed to blogs that speak directly to the reader). Even their format follows a very special form. And failing to compose them correctly, even a tiny mistake, can result in them not being read. Think of them like resumes. Do you actually consider resumes that are not correctly composed? Probably not.

  • Focus on what you do best – How did you build your business in the first place? More than likely it was through delivering quality service through customer interaction. Yet if you get bogged down with tasks such as press release writing, you could find yourself being pulled in far too many directions. It’s always a good idea to outsource when logical and affordable