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How To Select The Best Press Release Distribution Service?

Most business owners are using press releases to reach millions of people and gain free publicity for their businesses. Effective press release distribution is absolutely critical to get wide coverage in the press and reach target readers. Businesses rely on online press release distribution services to distribute press releases to media outlets. There are many online press release distribution services in the market, which makes it hard for businesses to choose the best one to achieve their goals. Businesses have to compare different services and choose a service that can distribute to the right media outlets to help you connect with your target audience.

What To Look For When Comparing Different Press Release Distribution Services?

Distribution Price: Look carefully and compare prices of different press release distribution services before you choose one. Choose a company that offers affordable packages to help you save money.

Word Count Limit: Look out carefully and see how many words are allowed in a press release, and what additional words would cost. Choose a press release distribution service that offers more words to enable you to include all your press release information.

Media Outlets: Check out the number, type, and reputation of the media outlets that different services submit to. Choose a service that distributes your press release to large and well-known media outlets to get more coverage for your business.

Images & Videos: Look carefully and compare number of images and videos that are allowed to be added to the press release within the basic price before choosing a service. Also check out what it would cost if you add additional images and videos to your press release.

PR Platform: Check out websites of different services and see whose website is user-friendly and easy to use. Some PR release websites are complicated to use with difficult design. Choose a service with a good website, which is easy to navigate and easy to create and send a press release.

Press Release Writing: Look at different services and see if they are offering press release writing services. Choose a service that offers PR writing, because a professionally written press release makes your PR an interesting news story to share with media. A professionally written press release contains certain ingredients that make it newsworthy and noticeable.

Editing & Reviewing: Look at different services and see if they are offering editing and reviewing services. Editing makes your press release newsworthy and increases its chances of getting published. Choose a service that offers reviewing and editing your press release before distributing.

Customer Service: Look and compare quality of customer service offered by different companies. Look for a service that offers excellent customer service, which answers questions and solves problems that arise from press release submission, editing, and final distribution quickly. Choose a service with a chatbox in its website, because it helps solve problems really quickly.

Press Release Shop Is The Best Overall Press Release Distribution Service

Press Release Shop distributes your press releases to the highly reputed and relevant media outlets to help your business connect with the target audience. Our press release distribution service sends your press releases to a network of targeted media outlets interested in publishing articles related to the content included in your press release. We are the best service in terms of price, word count, editing, reviewing, formatting, reach, and customer service.

Press Release Shop’s website is user-friendly and easy to use. It allows you to submit your press releases effortlessly. Our online platform is simple, which enables you to create and send out a release relatively quickly.

Press Release Shop is bang for buck, offering press release distribution at affordable prices. We are the best press release distribution service in terms of price, word limit, and number of media outlets. We guarantee average syndication to 500 sites, and guaranteed submission to major television networks and reputed online news portals. We provide targeted press release distribution services to journalists, global news sites, websites, and blogs.

We allow 500 words in a press release at $199 only. We offer syndication in an average of 500 news sites with guarantee of syndication in 400 news sites. We also offer guaranteed submission to NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox television networks as well as Google News and Bing News, which most press release companies don’t guarantee. We also submit to targeted media outlets that specialize in specific industry or business segments.

We offer press release writing, press release review and editing service, which is beneficial to small businesses. Our PR writing service helps small businesses who cannot write their own press releases. We review, edit, and formal all press releases to meet industry standards, to give them a professional look, to increase their acceptability, and to improve chances of it being published.

We offer industry-leading customer service that supports our clients by addressing concerns and solving problems quickly. Our customer service answers your questions and solves problems that arise from press release submission, editing, and final distribution quickly. We have a chatbox on our website, that allows interaction with our clients and solve all problems instantly.

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